Aigul- The Administrator

Sergey Plotnikov - The General Director

I am the General Director of hostel, investor, showman, promoter, sportsman – I have a black belt, the first dan in aikido, by the way! I know 10 languages when I’m drunk, but I don't drink at all so I speak Russian in perfection! I love my wife and my children – I have 4 sons! I will be glad to meet our “old” and new guests of our Hostel!!! WELCOME! 

Evgeniy Andronov - The Managing director

I am the managing director of Hello Hostel, friends call me John and some of them call me just for fun like idea’s machine. Of course, they are right, I have a million ideas in my head which I share with my team. I consider that the success doesn't come to you easily and achieve your success you suppose to exert every effort for it and believe in happy end. The most important thing is to be optimist and believe in better end, exactly what I am doing.

Aliya Alimanova - The Administrator

My name is Aliya and I am Hello Hostel’s administrator. All of you know who is administrator and that from Latin it means "manager". Yes, I don't argue that first of all it is necessary to manage yourself, otherwise you can’t achieve anything at this position! Well and my motto  is " Relax, take it easy ", and I add a smile to all this =)

Aigul- The Administrator

Jaina- The Administrator